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2023 Festival Planning Committee

Meet some of the amazing planning committee chairs for the
33rd Annual Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival!

Jan F. Lee Chair and Board President

Jan F. Lee

Chair & Board President

What is your favorite part of the festival? I love the energy of the festival! All of the love and positive vibes that can be felt when our community comes together. People connect, learn new things, eat good food, and hear great music! #Fortheculture

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Carolyn headshot.PNG

Carolyn Young

Food Vendor Chair

Favorite memory of the festival? Some fond memories of the festival are when it was at Crownsville Fairgrounds and St. John’s College. My most recent favorite memory of the festival is the now Downtown area where the boating and restaurant communities have embraced us in encouragement and some partnerships to spread the knowledge of our history, heritage, and love for all people.

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    Keith A. Rowel

    Entertainment Chair

    Favorite memory of the festival? Working with the committee and seeing it all come together. What do you see for the future of the festival? National and global connections.

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    Danielle Young

    Vice Chair & Chair of Arts & Crafts Vendors

    How many years have you been involved with the festival? I started volunteering in 2000, helping sell sodas and drinks. I became the chair of arts and crafts in 2012. What is your favorite part of the festival? Seeing all of us come together as a community, and as a people.

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    Enid Collison-Lee

    Education & Community Vendor Chair

    What do I see for the future of the festival? I have been enthusiastic to see the festival grow since 2015 until COVID-19. My hope is that we will get more support from the community and the city as we have almost surpassed the space the city has made available to us. I would urge anyone who is willing to join us and to lend your expertise and service to help us to continue to grow to volunteer. It takes a community!!

      Debbie headshot_edited.jpg

      Dr. Debbie Wood

      Children's Activity Tent Chair

      How many years have you been involved? I have been part of the festival, representing Chesapeake Children's Museum, for almost 29 years. I also represent the Clones of Funk - a local band that often closes out the event. Favorite memory of the festival? My favorite part of the festival is when the Clones of Funk are playing, and I start dancing, and people look confused and surprised because they've seen me interacting with children all day. Other people recognize me instantly as the “funklady” and dance with me.

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      2023 Festival Planning Committee

      Jan F. Lee

      Chairperson & Board President


      Danielle Young

      Vice-Chairperson and

      Arts & Crafts Committee Chair


      Dr. Debbie Wood, Chesapeake Children's Museum

      Children's Activity Tent

      Enid Collison-Lee

      Education & Community Committee Chair

      Keith A. Rowel, KARMusic

      Entertainment Committee Chair

      Carolyn Young

      Food Committee Chair

      Jan Mitchell

      Hospitality Committee Chair

      Herbert Lee, Jr & Herbert Lee, III

      Logistics Committee Chairs

      Tomica Phillips

      Volunteer Committee Chair

      Committee Members:

      Meke Cole of Divaz Inc. Productions, Dee Davis, Donald Jackson, Duane Pergerson,

      Mike Stump, Cornell Walker

      If you are interested in joining the planning committee, please email

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